“Now You Can Help Your Teenager or Young Adult Free Themselves from The Chains Of Dyslexia and Grow Into The Talented and Uniquely Gifted Individual They Were Born to Be”

Let Me Show You, In Less Than 3 Minutes, How My Proven Dyslexia-Specific Coaching Methods Provide The Strategies To Manage Dyslexia And Tap Into The Full Potential And Creativity Of The Dyslexic Mind

A message from Anita Mattu, Qualified Youth Impact and Personal Performance Coach, NLP Master Practitioner And I’m dyslexic

Dear Parent,
If you’ve got a teenager or young adult in your family who is currently struggling with dyslexia, I’ve got an important message for you.

So you need to pay attention to every word on this page to save your kids the 20 years of pain I suffered!

As I explain here, because of my own experiences of being dyslexic, I’m passionate about helping teenagers and young adults fulfil their potential and overcome the negative side of being born with dyslexia.

I understand…
What they think – that they’re not “clever” enough, they don’t have much to offer and there’s no point in doing the work as they’ll never amount to anything.

What keeps them awake at night – the fears that everyone will find out they can’t read, spell or write, so they’ll be found out and confronted. The thought of being singled out and exposed as not being able to read and comprehend properly is a constant terror reverberating in their mind.

And this manifests in different ways.

You’ll know what I’m talking about…

  • Suffering from low self esteem as they can’t keep up with their peer group, or impress their mates with their easy grasp of lessons,
  • Not believing in themselves, thinking there’s something “wrong” with them, or believing it when they’re labelled “stupid” or “lazy,”
  • Isolating themselves because they feel “different” and suffer even more self-doubt than most teenagers,
  • Making life hell for everyone around them by taking their frustration and anger out on their nearest and dearest.
  • Scared of taking exams, or just giving up on term work, because they know they won’t be able to complete it in the time allocated.
  • Finding it hard to get a job – even filling in an application form is a nightmare

If their school or college doesn’t have the special tuition facilities, they’re bound to fall behind with their work, even when they’re trying their hardest.

Or maybe their dyslexia hasn’t been recognised, so they’re put in a lower stream even if their IQ is high.

Throughout their lives, if they don’t understand how to manage the challenges of dyslexia and highlight their strengths, they’ll feel they’re missing out and under-performing.

And how does that make you feel as a parent?

Upset and frustrated to have to watch them struggle, and not know how best to help them.

Despite loving them, sometimes it’s hard not to get uptight and short-tempered, even when you know you shouldn’t blame them – it’s SO not their fault.

And if all this is a familiar echo from your own learning experiences, you’ll have an even greater desire for your kids to succeed.

You might not realise that dyslexia is usually inherited from a parent, so if it’s held you back or limited your horizons, you certainly won’t want the same thing to happen in your child’s life.

Why should they have to go through the same pain you experienced?

So let’s just stop all that RIGHT NOW!

Stay with me while I explain more…

What they want – is to be someone people admire and look up to. They want to be able to do things without letting their education get in the way
What they dream of – the opportunity to be great, clever, important and competent.

Now is the time to address all the issues and set them on course for success.

It’s not just down to some “extra tuition” – they need expert guidance to address the core underlying issues and discover their true potential.

I don’t think you can put a price on giving them the keys to a joyously fulfilled life – do you?

I know you wouldn’t want to hold them back, especially if you’ve struggled to overcome the barriers of your own dyslexia. Although you’ve won out in the end and gone on to be successful, you don’t want your kids to have to fight the same battle.

That’s why you’re so determined to help them in every way you can….

So it’s time to…

Celebrate the uniqueness and creativity which come with dyslexia.

Discover the key strategies and techniques which are core to working with, and managing dyslexia.

Together we’re going to find out how to:

  • Implement simple key techniques to free the mind from the chains that bind, and open up a whole new way of creative thinking to explode the myth that dyslexic people will always struggle to succeed
  • Use powerful tools to give structure to words and comprehension in a way you’ve never thought possible, giving the dyslexic mind new channels to understanding the written word
  • Explore the route to being comfortable with being dyslexic, and harnessing the unique talents it brings – look at Richard Branson or Steve Jobs, Kiera Knightley or Orlando Bloom for example – (all dyslexic), and highly successful.
  • “So why should I listen to you Anita?”

    I read my first book aged 35 years old – (my dyslexia wasn’t recognised until earlier that year).

    I’d been through hell during my school years.

    Even though I did try hard, I had no chance because I lacked the basic structure for spelling, reading and writing.

    I had no idea what was wrong with me, and no one picked up on the fact I suffered from dyslexia.

    It wasn’t till I went back to college (aged 35) that my Lecturer realised that’s why I found studying so difficult. At last I got the help I needed, and passed the exams!

    I studied for professional qualifications and coaching diplomas to give me the expertise to work with teenagers and young adults.

    This was my gateway to helping others, and I’ve never looked back since.

    I‘m PASSIONATE about helping teenagers and young adults fulfil their potential by overcoming the challenges, and embracing the gift, of being dyslexic.

    As a qualified Personal Performance and Youth Impact Coach, and certified NLP Master Practitioner, I chose to specialize in this area because of my own understanding of the joy and despair that comes with being dyslexic.

    I don’t claim to cure dyslexia, but I know how to maximize the potential latent in everyone, and how to inspire youngsters to explore and expand their possibilities so they can tap into the amazing creativity held in the dyslexic mind.

    Helping someone break free from the chains associated with dyslexia and discover who and what they can be is the most rewarding and fulfilling role in my professional life.

    Developing my own unique dyslexia-specific coaching has been a long-held goal, and for the first time ever I’m able to share these skills with a wider audience and reach more people than I ever dreamed possible!

    “How Does It Work?”

    By using my unique coaching methods, together we go through a simple 3 Step System…

    Ready – We work through to understanding dyslexia and being comfortable that it’s a part of our make-up – with its strengths and challenges

    Steady – We create structure to deal with the challenges and multiply our talents and focus in areas we love. (Social media, creative stuff)

    Go! WE create S.M.A.R.T action plans for success (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound)